Tom Holroyd holroydt at MAIL.NIH.GOV
Wed Oct 19 13:35:28 CEST 2005

On Wed, 19 Oct 2005, Robert Oostenveld wrote:

> If you want to incorporate those channels in realigning, the best that I can
> imagine is to do the inverse estimation towards the brain dipoles using
> MEG+REF on 3rd order balanced data, and then do the forward calculation using
> (rotated+shifted) MEG alone.

That is in fact what I am doing now, and it's fine.  Never mind.

> However, support for the 3rd order balanced MEG signals is
> still not implemented in FieldTrip. It is a recurring topic,
> which I am not too enthousiastic about to put much effort in,
> since it relates to incomplete specified file formats and it is
> more engineering than science.

Hmm?  The reference channel positions and orientations are
specified in the res4 file, just like all the other channels.

By the way, I have a .oct file for meg_leadfield1.m so it works
fast in Octave (like 800 times faster), in case anybody is

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