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Christopher Miller CAFJ.Miller at PSY.UMCN.NL
Thu Nov 17 16:48:12 CET 2005

Dear Robert,

I have a question about reformating (pre)processed data:

I performed a frequency analysis with Brain Vision Analyzer and exported the data into Excel. These data are multidimensional (27 channels X 5 frequencybands) and thus consist of 27 X 5 numbers for each of the 16 subjects. Each number represents the power of every channel-frequency combination. Since this was a within design, I have two sets of 27 X 5 for each subject. I want to compare these two sets with a Cluster-level Randomization Test for a Within Subjects experiment, just like the test which is performed in the tutorial on Cluster-level Randomization Tests, page 16-17. In the tutorial this can be done after "load gravgerfcporig;". When this command is executed, two files appear in the workspace: "gravg_erf_cp_FC" and "gravg_erf_cp_FIC", both with the format: "<1x1 struct> struct". However, when I import my data with the import wizard there appears only one file in the workspace, named :"data" with the format: "<160x30 double> double". The numbers 160 and 30 represent the data as needed for analyzing them in SPSS: 160 rows (16 subjects, with 5 frequencybands in 2 conditions). The number 30 represents 30 columns (27 channels and 3 channels to label: (1) the subject(1-16), (2) the frequencybands(1-5) and (3) the condition(1-2).
I know that just saving my imported file as a .mat file doesn't change the structure of the file, since I tried this. My question is, how can I reformat these data in such a way that I can perform a Cluster-level Randomization Test for a Within Subjects experiment?

Thanks in advance,

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