Christopher Miller CAFJ.Miller at PSY.UMCN.NL
Mon Nov 14 10:55:17 CET 2005

Dear Eric,

I have two questions concerning clusterrandanalysis:

First, I performed a frequency analysis with Brain Vision Analyzer and exported these data into an Excel and SPSS file. How can I import these data into Matlab in order to obtain a format on which I can perform a Cluster-level Randomization Test for a Within Subjects experiment?

Second, I want to compare three conditions, two drug conditions and a placebo condition. In all conditions, a baseline measurement was made before drug intake. I want to take in account these baseline measurements. In a parametric test like MANOVA this is usually done with a covariate or the introduction of an extra factor (time). How can I perform this in clusterrandanalysis?

Thanks in advance,

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