Ali Mazaheri ali.mazaheri at FCDONDERS.KUN.NL
Fri Jan 28 00:32:04 CET 2005

I am trying to once again preprocess some old data.. but I realize that I
can't, even if I use the EXACT same parameters I used to preprocess only
last month.. what could be the deal ? Once again I must emphasize that
the exact same parameters were working on the same file only a month ago

Here is the error I get :

Error using ==> read_fcdc_data
requested data segment extends over a discontinuous trial boundary

Error in ==> \\bond\home\common\matlab\fieldtrip\artifact_jump.m
On line 137  ==>             dat = read_fcdc_data(cfg.datafile, hdr, trl
(trllop,1), ...

Error in ==> \\bond\home\common\matlab\fieldtrip\rejectartifact.m
On line 224  ==>   eval(sprintf('[cfg, %s] = artifact_%s(cfg);',
cfg.artfctdef.type{type}, cfg.artfctdef.type{type}));

Error in ==> \\bond\home\common\matlab\fieldtrip\preprocessing.m
On line 242  ==> [cfg] = rejectartifact(cfg);

Error in ==> Z:\MEG\20041201\cfgmaker.m
On line 22  ==>     data = preprocessing(cfg);

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