EEG reference methods in FieldTrip

Laurens Hogeweg l.e.hogeweg at MED.UMCG.NL
Tue Feb 15 10:21:48 CET 2005


I'm doing a study on EEG-EMG coherence during fatigue and when studying
literature I came across the article of Mima and Hallett (T. Mima, M.
Hallett / Clinical Neurophysiology 110 1896 (1999) 1892-1899) that describes
the dependence of coherence strength on EEG reference method. They argue
that it's best to use current source density or a Hjorth transformation. I
wonder if it's possible to do such a transformation in FieldTrip, because I
couldn't find it in the documentation.

Thank you for suggestions,

Laurens Hogeweg

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