Manually Importing data

Michael Wibral wibral at MPIH-FRANKFURT.MPG.DE
Thu Dec 22 14:09:46 CET 2005

Dear Colleagues,

we have a dataset that is in some sense 'preprocessed' i.e. there is a
little matrix (or concatenated ones) for each trial of each condition,
we also have information on filters, electrode locations etc. but not in
any of the usual file formats. As we would like to use the Multitaper
analysis and coherence/phase locking we'll have to 'fake' a Fieldtrip
dataset at some point by assembling the corresponding structutre by
hand. What's the better entry point for this:  before preproc (but then
we'll have to make a trialfun etc.)  or after preproc (where the
structure is already quite involved, at least it looks like that). If we
try to mimic a preprocessed dataset, which of the fields are mandatory?

Thanks for any comment on this.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.
Michael Wibral

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