problems using fieldtrip

Hoi Fei Kwok h.f.kwok at BHAM.AC.UK
Wed Aug 10 10:37:51 CEST 2005


On one hand, removing the EEGLAB solved the problem. On the other hand, the
FieldTrip website mentioned about integrating the FieldTrip with the EEGLAB.
So how should one go about that? Maybe the problem I encountered indicates
that one should avoid certain EEGLAB plugins if one wants to use both the
EEGLAB and FieldTrip.

Hoi Fei

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Hi Hoi Fei

On 10-aug-2005, at 9:55, Hoi Fei Kwok wrote:

> When I typed "which ctf_read_res4" in Matlab, it returned:
> C:\Program
> Files\MATLAB704\eeglab\eeglab4.512\plugins\ctfimport1.01 
> \ctf_read_res4.m
> Is it because of the EEGLab plugins that I installed previously then?

Yes, that might well be the problem. Please remove the EEGLAB  
directory from your matlab search path and try the tutorial again.


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