problems using fieldtrip

Hoi Fei Kwok h.f.kwok at BHAM.AC.UK
Wed Aug 10 09:55:35 CEST 2005


When I typed "which ctf_read_res4" in Matlab, it returned:

Is it because of the EEGLab plugins that I installed previously then?

Hoi Fei

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Hi Hoi Fei,

On 9-aug-2005, at 17:25, Hoi Fei Kwok wrote:

> I have checked and the ctf_read_res4 file is in the private
> subdirectory and
> I was at the same folder as the Subject01.ds.

Are you sure that you have ctf_read_res4 in fieldtrip/private? It
should not be there.

The function "cft_read_res4" and "read_ctf_res4" are two different
functions. The first one was written by Tom Holroyd and Darren Weber
and is downloadable from (SourceForge), the second one
originates from CTF and is included in Fieldtrip. CTF is not
completely clear about the subformats of their res4 file type, and
there seem to be some CTF datasets which can be read with one version
of the routine and some datasets that can be read with the other.
Therefore both functions are supported: if you have the function
"ctf_read_res4" on your path, then that one will be used, otherwise
the default "read_ctf_res4"" function that is supplied together with
Fieldtrip will be used. Please type "which ctf_read_res4" in Matlab,
it should return "not found" (also the other one should not be found,
but that is because it is a private function). Fieldtrip will work on
the demo data without the code from

best regards,

PS if it still does not work: change directory to "fieldtrip-xxx/
private" and from there try "hdr = read_ctf_res4(filename)" on the
matlab command line, where filename contains the full path and
filename of the res4 file (i.e. not the dataset directory, but really
the complete path to the file itself. See also
fcdonders/fieldtrip/1168.html for some related information on private

Robert Oostenveld, PhD
F.C. Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging
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Robert Oostenveld, PhD
F.C. Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging
Radboud University Nijmegen
phone: +31-24-3619695

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