Differences in channel numbers and MEG Interpolate

Talsma D D.Talsma at PSY.VU.NL
Mon Aug 15 13:34:04 CEST 2005

Hi Fieldtrippers,

I have the following question regarding meginterpolate: Is it possible
to use MEG interpolate to add a channel to the dataset that was never
recorded in the first place? I have data from a limited number of
subjects that is recorded with one channel (MLO21) less (149 channels)
than the data from the other subjects (150 MEG channels). From what I
can tell, this is not a channel that is just marked as 'Bad', but one
that was never recorded in the first place. I tried interpolating this
channel using meginterpolate, but after this procedure, I still have a
dataset with 149 channels. Below are the settings I used. Needless to
say, I tried various variations, but none appeared to work.

For now, I'm going to try and remove the offending channel from the
remaining subjects that were recorded with 150 channels. 

Thanks in advance,

templatefile    =   {   'pp01/corr-resp.ds',

cfgrepair = [];
cfgrepair.repair         = 'yes'; 
cfgrepair.realign        = 'no';
cfgrepair.planar         = 'no';
cfgrepair.template    =templatefile;
cfgrepair.hdmfile     ='standard.hdm';
cfgrepair.badchannel  = {'MLO21'};

dataCor_corrected   = meginterpolate(cfgrepair, dataCor);
dataInc_corrected   = meginterpolate(cfgrepair, dataInc);

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