importing 306-Vectorview dataset

Daniel Kislyuk scrofa at GMAIL.COM
Sun Aug 14 14:25:22 CEST 2005


I'm trying to import neuromag data (with EEG) to fieldtrip using
read_fcdc_header and read_fcdc_data routines, but i keep getting these
error message:

??? Attempt to execute SCRIPT megmodel as a function.

Error in ==> d:\danielk\fieldtrip\private\fif2grad.m
On line 19  ==> megmodel('head',[0 0 0],filename);

Error in ==> d:\danielk\fieldtrip\read_fcdc_header.m
On line 245  ==>   hdr.grad = fif2grad(headerfile);

Could you, please, help me? 


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