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Matsuhashi, Masao (NIH/NINDS) matsuham at NINDS.NIH.GOV
Wed Oct 6 01:32:13 CEST 2004


I am interested in DICS and now started to struggle with FieldTrip 0.92. I
was very impressed by Dr. Schoffelen's presentation at BIOMAG 2004.

First, I thank you very much for your effort to make this fascinating and
promising toolbox to public.

Then, among lots of questions,

1) I couldn't find the script 'read_ctf_hc' as described in the document
'Localizing oscillatory sources using beamformer techniques'. How can I
obtain one?

2) I am almost at a loss how to start. Can I have some brief description of
how to do DICS kind of analysis? Let me say,
600Hz, 4 min single trial dataset:  Foo_trial_01.ds (a folder in current
Reference signal vector of the same length: RefSignal (14400 x 1 double
array in matlab workspace)
MRI/head information in Foo.mri, Foo.hdm, Foo.shape and
If the cross-spectra should be calculated before using FieldTrip, I can do
the calculation and the cross-spectra between RefSignal and all channels in
Foo_trial_01 will be stored in Fxy_trial_01 (274 x 1024 double array
(complex)) --- 274 is the number of MEG sensors.
What should I do next?

Thank you for your attention,

Masao Matsuhashi, MD, DMS
Tel: 1-301-594-9139
E-mail: MatsuhaM at

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