parametric sourcestatistics

Robert Oostenveld roberto at SMI.AUC.DK
Thu Aug 19 09:16:25 CEST 2004


I have made some changes to SOURCESTATISTICS_PARAMETRIC that can result
in backward incompatibilities:
- removed nai and pseudo-t as methods (see SOURCDESCRIPTIVES)
- changed interpretation of cfg.threshold for consistency with other
- removed inconsistent and untested conversion from t- to z-score

Although I have tried to check for those options and give a warning or
error if you use them in your scripts, you still should be acutious if
you think that these changes affect your analysis. Contact me if you
have questions about it.


PS. About my previous mail regarding resampling methods
(randomization/permutation): that mail only applied to the source-level
analysis, those of you who are using CLUSTERRANDANALYSIS on the channel
level already had the option for using permutation in a
within-subject-design (as Eric pointed me out).

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