[clean-list] Can't create abc file?

Arnout Engelen arnouten at bzzt.net
Thu Dec 2 09:30:10 MET 2004

On Wed, Dec 01, 2004 at 08:46:18PM +0100, Paul de Vrieze wrote:
> On Saturday 27 November 2004 14:18, Matthew wrote:
> > > clm -nw -b pascal -o pascal
> > > Compiling pascal
> > > Compiling StdEnv
> > > Error [StdEnv,<open file>]: Can't create abc file (disk full?)
> > > make: *** [pascal] Error 1
> >
> > It could be that you have installed Clean, as root, in a publicly
> > readable (but not writable) directory.  The compiler is trying to
> > compile StdEnv, but can't, since it doesn't have write access to the
> > library directory.  
> The solution should be to change clean in such a way that it will fall back 
> to a temporary directory. But you're right, clean can only be installed in 
> user mode, not in global mode, and as such violates the unix design 
> principles.

Still, it's (and should be!) possible to install Clean in a multi-user
(unix) environment. 

Maybe compiling the StdEnv should be part of the UNIX Makefile, or at
least documented as a step in the installation on unices?

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